I can, and I will.

It’s always an extra bonus when an illustration project leads to an exciting new experience– in this case, learning how to can! After designing and illustrating these canning workshop advertisements for Loose Caboose Farms in the Hudson Valley, NY, I was invited to participate in two of their food storage workshops.  At our 1st workshop, I learned how to can spicy garlic jalapeño carrots.


Loose Caboose Postcard

Loose Caboose Farms postcard


Peeling and preparing the garden-fresh veggies


Releasing trapped air bubbles with a chopstick

Releasing trapped air bubbles from brine with a chopstick


Spicy garlic jalapeño carrots

After closing the jars and boiling for 15 minutes-- Spicy Carrot sticks!


If you live near the Hudson Valley and would like to participate in a Loose Caboose Farm canning workshop, visit their website and write to ask about upcoming workshops.

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