Printmaking workshop: Xerox transfers

Every winter break at SVA (where I work full-time), staff and students in my department get to try new art-making technique workshops.  Last week, we experimented with Xerox transfer printmaking.  My partner, photographer Troy McCullough, was kind enough to contribute 2 photos, which I collaged with a drawing of mine, and printed.

Xerox transfer is a really quick, fun, printmaking process.  Having only tried lithography and silkscreening in the past, I was surprised how simple this process was.  We combined drawings and photos, photocopied the composition on regular office paper, then simply brushed gum arabic (sort of like a thinner rubber cement) over the paper.  Then, we rolled printing ink directly onto the gummed surface, slapped some rag paper on top, and put it through the press!  I couldn’t believe I could directly ink and print the paper surface without it falling apart.The paper was pretty much good for just one print, so there was no worry about multiple editions.

Here is one end result:

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